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Natural White Aggregate

Brighter, Stronger,
Safer, Greener

In the Pursuit of Brighter,
Stronger, Safer and Greener

LYSIT natural white aggregate is renowned for its light-reflecting properties and durability, and has the potential to transform our road networks, lighting up once dark carriageways, improving lives, the environment and reducing public expenditure.

Having more light-reflecting properties of any natural stone, Lysit creates roads which are more attractive and have a longer lifespan than those made with traditional dark stone.

Already widely used across Denmark and Germany, Lysit can be the game changer for local authorities across the UK and Ireland which will be able to save public money and create a brighter future for all road users.

Natural Aesthetics

Lysit is a natural white aggregate produced from white Anorthosite rock in Norway. This rock has a number of unique chemical properties that makes it suitable for different industrial purposes, as well as physical properties that makes it suitable for asphalt and concrete industry.


0 °

Reflective asphalt surfacing incorporating LYSIT can reduce the surface temperature of the road by up to 10 degrees on a sunny day.

20 %

Reports from mainland Europe demonstrate that light reflecting asphalt surfaces in tunnels can deliver lighting savings of between 30% and 40%.


The luminance coefficient of LYSIT proves it to be one of the brightest “natural brightening” rocks on the market.

“Renowned for its light-reflecting properties qualities and durability, Lysit natural white stone has the potential to transform our road networks, lighting up once dark carriageways, saving lives, the environment and money.

Safer, Greener &
Better Value

Using Lysit to construct roads makes sense. Its light reflecting properties within the road surface can reduce lighting costs, improve environmental performance and contribute to road safety. By using less energy to power streetlights, it is also kinder to the environment than the traditional UK road surface and meets the needs and responsibilities of local authorities to reduce both the cost and carbon footprint of road infrastructure.

The Lysit

Lysit has a wide range of uses but shines particularly brightly in the asphalt industry as a component in the construction of road surfaces. Its key benefit over other aggregates is its natural light reflecting properties which allow users to see the road more clearly in the dull conditions which are prevalent in the UK and Ireland for much of the year.

Opportunity in
the UK and Ireland

In the UK and Ireland, the full potential for light-reflecting asphalt has still to be realised.

Typically, it has been used to demarcate areas such as bus and cycle lanes but the material’s luminance properties and durability, offer wider opportunities for surfacing applications.

Banishing the
Urban Heat Island

Lysit can help cities reduce the phenomenon known as Urban Heat Island. UHI is a particular problem for cities and built up areas, particularly in warm climates but can also occur in the UK in summer months. Thermal energy from the sun stored in roads and buildings creating a warmer environment than in surrounding areas – using Lysit in asphalt surface can reduce the surface temperature by up to 10°C.