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Protecting the
environment for
the next generation


Natural White Aggregate

Using Lysit natural white aggregate
within road surfaces makes perfect sense.

Its natural reflectivity can help to reduce road accidents, is less costly to maintain given the reduced need for street lighting and is more pleasing to look at. By using less energy to power streetlights, it is also kinder to the environment than the traditional UK road surface and meets the needs of local authorities to reduce both the cost and carbon footprint of road infrastructure, offering financial saving and protecting the environment for the next generation.


Brighter asphalt surfaces can improve night-time visibility for road users and contribute to the prevention of accidents.


Asphalt containing Lysit can lower surface temperatures by up to 10 degrees on a sunny day, preventing rutting and extending the life of the surface.


Reflective asphalt surfaces reflects the light from street lamps better than dark carriageways and lower the of street lighting. Lower energy consumption reduces CO2 emissions.

Lysit is already widely used in Europe to meet the specified requirements for carriageway surfaces. This natural white aggregate can transform infrastructure across the UK and Ireland and create a brighter future for all.

Safety doesn’t
happen by accident

On many stretches of road, as well as in specific locations such as tunnels and junction approaches, the reflective qualities of light-coloured asphalt surfacing have the potential to deliver even better driver visibility.

SAFETY facts

Better visibility of the road surface under all circumstances is likely to result in a reduction in the number of traffic accidents.

Light reflecting properties have a positive effect on the visibility of the road surface for the road user. In case of an unlit road the night-time visibility of the road surface is significantly improved.

The safety at dangerous locations on motorways may be improved with light coloured asphalt.

Relevant Content

Urban Heat Island

Lysit can help cities reduce the phenomenon known as Urban Heat Island. UHI is a particular problem for cities and built up areas, particularly in warm climates but can also occur in the UK in summer months. Thermal energy from the sun stored in roads and buildings creating a warmer environment than in surrounding areas – using Lysit in asphalt surface can reduce the surface temperature by up to 10°C.